2023 RECAP

2023 Recap

Thanks to your generosity, many more in the next generation, our community and around the world will come to know God, find family, live in freedom, and discover their purpose. We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with you to build the Kingdom!

Growth Highlight

‍Service attendance grew 25% in 2023, reaching an average of 2300 more people across our campus locations.


Our Community

Our heart is to pastor the community, not just those who walk through the doors of our church.

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Next Generation

Helping students from birth through college graduation know God, find family and make a difference in their communities.

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The World

Empowering others with the resources they need to reach the people in their country for Jesus Christ.

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2024 Goals

When we plan, vision and dream, we renew our focus on what God has called us to do, allowing us to make an even greater Kingdom impact. We’re believing for $7,948,600 to meet our 2024 goals.

 $ 5,275,000

Our Community

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Next Generation

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The World

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"I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit… Being able to experience this with my friends and my youth leaders… it’s life changing. What can happen here is life changing."

XII Conference 2023 Attendee

"This resource enables us to multiply ourselves to go further faster… with the help of friends like Bayside, I believe that we will see a victory in this land for the glory of Christ."

Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Church in Ireland

“When we texted a family to invite them to the Bradenton Dream Center Christmas Dreamland event, the mother shared this: ‘I am sitting here crying right now because our light bill is past due and our rent has increased, so I was trying to figure out how my kids were going to have a Christmas. You all show God's love to my family in so many ways and it means so much.’”

Sonya rivera
bradenton dream center program director


Our Community

$1,135,058In Financial

65% of students served through the after-school program attend church on a regular basis.

Bradenton Dream Center
After-School Program

Through the generosity and support of Kingdom Builders, The Bradenton Dream Center is able to continue to provide meaningful life-changing opportunities for students and families in our Downtown Bradenton community. These opportunities include but are not limited to providing faith based support and development in health, academics, and character.

  • 98 students from 2 schools were enrolled in the Bradenton Dream Center After-School Program.

    • G.D. Rogers Garden-Bullock Elementary reported a 5% increase in reading scores and a 39% increase in math scores.

    • Ballard Elementary reported a 6% increase in reading scores and a 46% decrease in negative behavior referrals.

  • 11,685 meals were served to 72 families in need.

  • Annual Christmas Dreamland event was held for parents and children, serving 200 students and 150 adults. Throughout the event, we distributed food, provided over 400 toys, 48 bikes, gift cards, and furniture and household goods.

in goods were distributed throughout the community.

CityServe Southwest Florida

In partnership with CityServe Southwest Florida, Bayside helps to train, equip, and mobilize the local church to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting practical needs and bringing hope to the community.

  • 4,000 adults and 3,700 children were served and $2,040,500 in goods were distributed throughout the community.

  • 16 Points of distribution were established at our campus locations as well as at churches in Marion, Dade, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, Polk and Orange counties.


The Next Generation

$2,670,894In Financial

This year’s support includes housing subsidies and the purchase of 5 acres of land for future use by Bayside College.

Bayside College

Through a focus on achieving academics, developing leadership skills and building community, Bayside College strives to equip college students to make a Kingdom impact in their future careers.

  • 229 students were enrolled, including 189 undergraduate and graduate students and 40 dual-enrolled students.

  • 65 students received Kingdom Builders scholarships.

  • 52 students are serving in a local church, 35 of which are serving at Bayside.

  • 75% of students have full-time jobs in their area of study or have chosen to pursue graduate studies.

  • 49 students live in college housing.

Bayside Kids and YTH

Kingdom Builders support the next generation by providing opportunities for kids and students to attend events such as XII Conference, YTH Camp and Kids Camp, who wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Their generosity allows us to grant scholarships to families who need them.

  • Scholarships given for Next Gen events:

    • 193 to Kids Camp

    • 123 to XII Conference

    • 39 to YTH Camp

  • An average of 632 more students attended Kids, Middle, and High School services.

    • Kids total average growth: 29%

    • Middle school total average growth: 39%

    • High school total average growth: 34%

  • 6 after-school clubs were provided, totalling 450 kids in attendance and 126 salvations.

  • 500 Bibles were distributed in our community in partnership with the Good News Club.


The World

$793,138In Financial

Strategic Partnerships

Bayside has six strategic partnerships where we assist with finances, leadership training, and in some cases, send a short-term missions team. Through each of these partner relationships, we empower them with the resources they need to reach the people in their country for Jesus.


Through King of Kings Ministries, we were able to reach more than 4,000 people across 25 campus locations, resulting in 180 decisions for Christ  and 35 baptisms.


Through God's Hands Extended Church, we were able to reach 525 people across 7 campus locations, resulting in 75 decisions for Christ and 21 baptisms.


Through Celebration Church in Cowdray Park, we were able to reach 129,122 people (seeing an 8% growth over the last year) across 25 campuses, resulting in 1,084 decisions for Christ and 288 baptisms.


Through Lighthouse Church, we were able to reach 1,200 new attendees across 3 campuses (growing by 60%), resulting in 110 decisions for Christ and 35 baptisms.


Through Nueva Vida Church (New Life Church), we were able to reach an average of 800 people weekly across 2 campus locations and 200 home churches. Through this partnership,5,300 decisions for Christ and 400 baptisms were made possible.


Through Gospel Assembly of Nepal, we were able to reach an average of over 2,000 people across 320 campuses (102 are new this past year), resulting in 1,155 decisions for Christ and 694 baptisms. Additionally, $150,000 was provided for property and resources to build transitional housing for victims of human trafficking.

Other Missions Highlights

  • Property for the Cuba Dream Center was purchased and construction is underway. This center will bring compassion, medical resources, and discipleship to the 700,000 people in the area. 184 people have already completed the Freedom program, enabling them to heal from past hurts and walk in freedom. Additionally, a home was purchased for missionary housing.

  • $274,953 supported those affected by disaster,including relief for Maui fires, Israel, Hurricane Ian and tornadoes in surrounding areas.


The World


We are focused on making a Kingdom impact and are believing to:

  • Provide financial support for churches and programs in our strategic partner regions of:

    • Ireland - for new office space and new equipment for 2 campus locations.

    • Israel - for a van to aid in campus transportation as well as continued financial support.

    • Nepal - for a bus for the Sophia School (educational facility for grades K-12) and development of the medical clinic in Deukhuri.

    • India - to purchase property for parking at the main campus as well as for property for 2 new church locations.

    • Zimbabwe - for resources to purchase a pastoral care vehicle and build a caretaker cottage.

    • Cuba - for scholarships for children to attend the Dream Center and to purchase a bus.

  • Provide scholarships to send people on missions trips.


Our Community

$ 5,275,0002024

We are focused on making a Kingdom impact and are believing to:

  • Complete renovations for campus locations:

    • North River Campus - parking lot expansion

    • Fruitville Campus - replace PA system in main auditorium and create more parking

    • Bee Ridge Campus - replace chairs and carpet as well as upgrade audio and AVL system in main auditorium

    • Hardee County Campus - renovate bathrooms

    • West Bradenton Campus - replace side projectors and lighting in main auditorium

    • Lakewood Ranch Campus - replace PA system in the Hub, add outdoor lighting to the front of the building, and upgrade house lights and screens in main auditorium

  • Fund a new campus location or campus expansion.

  • Purchase community recreational equipment like picnic tables, benches as well as build a playground and basketball courts for the Bradenton Dream Center.


Next Generation


We are focused on making a Kingdom impact and are believing to: