Go with us and share in the incredible work that God is doing around the world, impacting lives and spreading hope in communities.


Bayside mission trips exist to connect us with others around the world and partner together to build the Kingdom of God.

Applications for 2024 missions trips have closed, but check back for more info on 2025 trips! 

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Strategic Partners

Bayside has six strategic partnerships where we assist with finances, leadership training, and in some cases, send a short-term missions team. Through each of these partner relationships, we empower them with the resources they need to reach the people in their country for Jesus.

Please pray for the pastors in each of these countries:

  • Zimbabwe
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Nepal
  • Cuba
  • India
Map of partners

Ministry Partners

We partner with these organizations to provide financial support, leadership training or short-term missions teams. Through our ministry partners, we can expand our reach and make a greater impact for Christ.

Mission Internship

Go Into All The World

As you take your first steps into missions, our team will work with you to access your gifts and skills, and then explore the options available to you.

During the 9 month internship you will learn about missions, receive practical hands-on experience, and be stretched to grow in your faith.

Whether you are interested in short-term missions or have a lifetime calling, there is a place for you to serve. It will be the toughest assignment you will ever love so get started now.

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Asked Questions

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What are the prerequisites for an adult missions trip?
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All Trips: Member of Bayside for more than 6 months before applying.

All Trips: The entire Growth Track and Freedom Event needs to be completed three months before departure.

Mozambique: Must have gone on at least one other Bayside Trip before.

What are the prerequisites for a family trip?
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Adults: Member of Bayside for more than 6 months before applying.

Adults: The entire Growth Track and Freedom Event needs to be completed three months before departure.

Students: Actively engaged in High School/ Middle School/ Kids Services.

Must include at least one parent and one child between the ages 8-17.

What are the prerequisites for a youth missions trip?
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Have to have approval from Campus Youth Director

Actively engaged in High School or Middle School Services

Students must go on a domestic trip prior to going on an international trip.

Both legal parents need to sign a notarized document allowing the student to participate.

What are the prerequisites for a Bayside College trip?
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Must be enrolled in Bayside College

Have to be over 18 years of age by the time the trip leaves

How do I access my account after I applied for a trip?
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Before being approved for a trip, the applications will be reviewed.

After being approved, members need to pay their deposit within seven days to secure their spot.

Once these steps have been completed, an account will be created for you.

The link to access your account will be mybayside.gomethod.app

Your username will be the email you used in your application. The password can then be reset by clicking the "Forgot Password" button.

Once you log in, all the Trip information will show up.

How do I upload my requirements on Go Method?
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The system only allows for one file per requirement. This means that pages with multiple documents need to be scanned into one file.

Here are the steps:

1) Download the free app called "Genius Scan"
2) Follow the instructions on the app and scan all the pages into one file
3) Email the file to yourself
4) Upload the document to Go Method

Are the team meetings mandatory?
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Yes. To be eligible, members can only miss one of the four meetings.

How do I fundraise?
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Continual prayer as God honors and hears prayers.

Repeated social media posts. Be sure to click on "Trip Story" on the left drop-down menu and write out a paragraph as to why you are going on this Trip. This paragraph will now appear on your personal donation link which you can share on your posts.

Meet up with friends, family, and Church Family and share your heart with them face to face. Helping donors hear the "why" and the heart behind it will make a huge difference.

Write a fundraising letter and mail it out to friends, family, and your Church Family. Google has a lot of templates. Be sure to personalize it.

Get together with your team and set up some kind of fundraiser like a car wash, a bake sale, etc.

Fundraising takes time and effort. Do not get discouraged in the process. God will honor and bless you in all your efforts and prayers!